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[tlaplus] How do I extract particular mapping from each element in a set?

I have a set of functions, and I want to extract a particular mapping from each element in the set. I tried the following, but dint work.

get(t) == {<<x, y>>: \A element \in elements: element.key > t => <<x, y>> \in element.value}

I get a syntax error at \A. So, I tried to split them as:

get1(t) == {element \in elements: element.key > t}
2(t) == {element.value : element \in get1(t)}
get3(t) == {val : val \in get2(t)}
get4(t) == {<<x, y>> : <<x, y>> \in val}

and combined it into:

committed(t) == {<<x, y>> : <<x, y>> \in {val : val \in {element.val : element \in {element \in elements: element.key > t}}}}

Is this correct? Can this be simplified further?


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