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[tlaplus] Latest release of TLA Proof System


I am interested in TLA Proof System. As far as I know temporal reasoning is not supported in the TLAPS at the moment. Maybe I am working with old version of TLAPS, which is 1.4.3 (June 2015). 

Version history says: 

TLAPS version 1.4.3   (June 2015)
TLAPS version 1.3.2   (May 2014)
TLAPS version 1.3.0   (March 2014)
TLAPS version 1.2.1   (September 2013)
TLAPS version 1.1.1   (November 2012)
TLAPS version 1.0   (January 2012)
TLAPS version 0.9   (October 2010)

Is "TLAPS version 1.4.3 (June 2015)" the latest version of TLAPS ? 

Does somebody know when the new version of TLAPS will be released ?

Kind Regards,


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