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Re: [tlaplus] Request for a TLA+ Example Involving Graph Objects

There are a few definitions related to digraphs here: https://github.com/nano-o/TLA-Library/blob/master/DiGraph.tla
I'm not sure that the style is very good though.
Some definition are recursive; if I remember correctly the goal was to speed up TLC a bit compared to more declarative definitions.

On 8/31/18 5:49 AM, Hengfeng Wei wrote:
Dear all,

Recently I need to model a distributed protocol which uses a graph as its basic data structure.
Specifically, this is a directed graph with labeled edges and the edges from the same node are ordered by their labels.
It is a dynamic graph; you can add nodes and edges in the runtime.

Could you please share me with some TLA+ examples involving graph objects?

Best regards,
Hengfeng Wei
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