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Re: [tlaplus] Why TLA+ is based on explicit state model-checking instead of symbolic one?

Hello Evgeniy,

symbolic model checking is not easy to implement for an expressive language such as TLA+. For example, some form of type inference is necessary in order to know how to symbolically represent the value of a variable. The explicit construction of successor states by interpreting the next-state relation is much easier to implement. Moreover, it is not a given that symbolic model checking is always superior to explicit-state model checking. For example, asynchronous systems whose processes communicate via FIFO channels tend to give rise to state spaces for which no good symbolic representation is known.

However, a symbolic model checker for TLA+ is being built [1], and we hope that it will become a useful complement to TLC. You may also want to experiment with ProB that supports a subset of TLA+ [2] and contains implementations of symbolic model checking algorithms [3].

Best regards,

[1] http://forsyte.at/research/apalache/
[2] https://www3.hhu.de/stups/prob/index.php/ProB_for_TLA 
[3] https://www3.hhu.de/stups/prob/index.php/Symbolic_Model_Checking

On 4 Jul 2018, at 10:24, Evgeniy Shishkin <evgeniy....@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello researchers!

Relying on the fact that this forum is inhabited with inventors of TLA+, I would really like
to know the answer.


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