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Re: [tlaplus] TLAPS 1.1.1 -- Unexpected error while checking proofs

Hi Marco,

I could not reproduce this error but wanted to confirm that you are using the Isabelle version that was shipped with the tlapm distribution (2011-1). Newer versions include changes that are not backward compatible.

Best regards,

On 21 August 2013 16:15, melver <marco...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

With the most recent version of TLAPS 1.1.1, while trying to verify
that everything works as expected, testing the binary distribution as well as when compiling from source, I run the command `tlapm -C -I +examples/cantor Cantor1.tla` and get the following output:

        (* loading fingerprints in "Cantor1.tlaps/fingerprints" *)
        (* created new "Cantor1.tlaps/Cantor1.thy" *)
        (* fingerprints written in "Cantor1.tlaps/fingerprints" *)
        Checking the proofs with Isabelle. This may take a long time.
        (* Isabelle parsing "Cantor1.tlaps/Cantor1.thy" ... done *)
        (* Obligation checking trace follows. *)
        (* *)
        Unexpected error while checking proofs.

`isabelle.log` shows the following output:

        *** Inner syntax error (line 17 of "/tmp/tlaps-1.1.1/tlapm/examples/Cantor1.tlaps/Cantor1.thy") at "<

        ***   1 > 1 )"

        *** Failed to parse proposition

I was able to fix one issue with the following patch, but the above syntax  error is still present:

diff -Naur tlaps-1.1.1/tlapm/src/backend/prep.ml tlaps-1.1.1-fix/tlapm/src/backend/prep.ml
--- tlaps-1.1.1/tlapm/src/backend/prep.ml       2012-11-22 11:47:58.000000000 +0000
+++ tlaps-1.1.1-fix/tlapm/src/backend/prep.ml   2013-05-03 23:33:36.003597833 +0100
@@ -425,7 +425,7 @@
     cleanup prob,
-    "using assms by safe",
+    "using assms by safe\n",


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