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Re: Some user feedback

On Thursday, November 20, 2014 4:37:26 PM UTC, fl wrote:
The IDE is not exactly isolated. It is a specialization of Eclipse.

But that's an implementation detail. To the user (i.e. me), the TLA+ Toolbox has absolutely nothing to do with Eclipse.

And my experience is that when you suggest somebody to learn emacs he looks at you as if
you wanted to come back to the stone age. I disagree with that obviously but is there a way of
convincing somebody in a democracy?

The last thing I want here is a flame war. I'm not advocating for or against any particular editor. I'm advocating UNIX-style, composable, documented, command-line programs as the flagship software, instead of an all-in-one, hard-to-maintain, uncomposable GUI.

I use the IDE under linux and I've never experienced your problem of file opening. I
don't know why. Maybe the way I use it or the version of Eclipse used for the Linux box. 

It is possibly specific to OS X. Markus Kuppe's changes fixed this issue for me.