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Specify Non deterministic specification

Hi i'm new user of TLA +. Did a small project and now trying to write spec but getting into little trouble. I have written informal spec earlier and  would write complete spec before coding. 
How to specify spec that uses non deterministic variable which then be used to specify property. 

For eg. 

We have a graph. We choose a non deterministic number n, initialize it to represent length of a path.

  unsigned int n; 

# Constraint it btw 0 and k 
  assume( n >= 1 && n <= k);    

# An array to store the path
 unsigned int arry[n];   

and then make sure that this array represents a cycle in the graph.

everything is fine but as the number n is non-deterministically chosen i have to write something like :

edge(arry[0] -> arry[1]) && edge(array[1] -> arry [2]) && ... && edge(arry[n-1] -> arry[n])  && edge(arry[n] -> arry[0])

My only problem is how to specify "..." ?? Can i state this as ... ??