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Re: [tlaplus] Login required for TLA toolbox?

On 06.11.2017 16:38, Alex Stangl wrote:
> Hi. I recently installed the TLA Toolbox on a Mac. It kept
> complaining about JVM versions although I have 4 different JVMs
> installed, including 1.8, and in fact 1.8 is my default. Eclipse
> apparently thinks otherwise. I managed to override it with -vm
> argument in toolbox.ini and got past the JVM incompatibility dialog.
> But then a Login required dialog pops up, requesting
> username/password for lamport.org. I didn't see this mentioned
> anywhere, in the help, in the GitHub issues, in Bugzilla, in Google
> searches, etc. I also didn't see anywhere on the site to sign up for
> a login. Despite the dialog box title "Login Required", is this
> something I could/should just click Cancel and can proceed without
> actually logging in?
Hi Alex,

the login dialog that you describe shouldn't come up. If you are still
able to reproduce it, can you send me a screenshot (privately)? Please
also let me know if lamport.org resolves to on your
machine. Do you normally have to configure a proxy server in System
Preferences or in your browser?

With regards to the JVM selection on macOS, I'm unfortunately not aware
of anything better than setting the "-vm" parameter (if one has multiple