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Re: [tlaplus] TLA+ Web Site

Hi Xabier,

Adding more examples is one of my plans.  However, I can't write a
model of a distributed service architecture because I don't know what
that is.  To get a good variety of examples, I will need other people
to write many of them.

I am aware that there should be more on the Web about PlusCal,
including a course on it.  Ideally, there would be another video
course based on PlusCal, but I'm unlikely to have time to do that.
I've though of producing some kind of instructional material on
PlusCal for people who have viewed some initial segment of the Video
Course.  But I don't have any good idea of how that should be done.
Meanwhile, Hillel Wayne has a very nice course based on PlusCal at
https://learntla.com.  I will have a pointer to it.  I also intend to
have pointers to other good material on the web, such as Ron
four-part post.

Thanks for your offer of help.  One thing I will eventually need is an
html expert to explain to me how to do some things.


On Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 2:53:03 PM UTC-7, Xabier Burgos wrote:

Hi Leslie,

One of the things I would personally welcome is examples on how to use TLA+ to model distributed services architectures, which today is basically what most companies with online presence build. It would also be nice to see a bit more focus on PlusCal, which in my very brief experience with TLA+ has been a huge time saver.

Additionally, I'd be happy to help with the site.

@Gregory Maybe you could share that blueprint? or at least a general idea?.


Xabier Burgos