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A few more Hyperbook issues

Let me know if this isn't the place to provide such feedback, I happen to be 

going through the Hyperbook with some care, so I figured I'd let you know

the places where I saw little glitches, but if this is the wrong forum, sorry, and

I'll stop.


In 5.1

"In other words, initially injug  equals a function with domain Jugs  that

assigns 0 to every element in its domain. Mathematics provides no standard

notation for writing this function."

==> lambda j \in Jugs => 0. (* Maybe lambda calculus isn't construed as "math"? *)

In 5.1

" To understand why not, you need to know to additional rules for labels in a PlusCal algorithm."

==> Typo: third "to" -> two

First sentence of 5.2 

" Me now use TLC to check algorithm"

==> typo: Me -> We

In 5.2

"We want the model to assign to Capacity  a function with domain {big; small}

 such that Capacity [big ] = 3 and Capacity [small  ] = 4."

==> I think the literals should be 5 and 3, not 3 and 4.

In 5.2, there are no explicit instructions as to how to enter  (big :> 5) @@ (small :> 3) into the model, and, moreover, when you enter this code as a model variable, the value disappears from the view of the model variable values, and even if you edit it, the  (big :> 5) @@ (small :> 3) seems to have disappeared. Bug? I'm a little mystified as to what's happening here.