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Re: TLA+ Video Course

I’m moving this from the “TLA+ community event 2016” topic to the “TLA+ Video Course” topic.


I gather that YouTube provides a nice method of adding subtitles.  Unfortunately, as far as I’ve been able to determine, hosting the video on YouTube doesn’t permit the features that I want and that were shown on the pilot that I produced.  (I’d be happy to be proved wrong by a Web programming wizard, but I’ve been unable to find one who can help me.)  I’ve thought of a way that I might be able to produce a single version of the videos in which the subtitles can be displayed or hidden, but I’m not sure if it will work. 


In any case, lacking the kind of feature that YouTube apparently provides, adding subtitles to my videos will be a time-consuming enterprise—even if I restrict it to portions of the video that show me rather than text.  So it makes most sense for me to release all the videos without subtitle and add them later.  So, I intend to forget about subtitling now. 





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 - While I would not be able to attend, I'd be interested in watching

   a live stream.



Regarding the live Stream, here is an interesting discussion on how to add subtitles to a video easily (it begins

4 messages before the end.)




I think Stephan has a teaching activity and can certainly confirm that subtitles are of

use in the rest of the world. (And even for those who are older than his students.)