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Re: TLA+ community event 2016

On 10 October I asked members of the group to let me know whether or

not they were interested in a TLA+ workshop.  I received 6 responses,

which I have summarized below.  The small number of responses suggests

to me that there is not much interest in a workshop.



 - While I would like to hear experiences from other TLA+ users, I am

   mostly interested in updates to TLA+, both in research and in

   changes to the tools and additions to the language.


 - Our group is very much interested in attending a TLA+ workshop...

   It would be really great to hear case studies from industry, in

   which case the location should be closer to the industry people--

   for instance, at the NASA Formal Methods meeting.


 - While I would not be able to attend, I'd be interested in watching

   a live stream.


 - My group would be interested.  Anywhere near New York City would

   be convenient, but a major conference like PODC or CAV in the US

   would be nice too.


 - I would attend a TLA+ workshop, and possibly also bring a few

   (2-3) colleagues, if it was in the US or continental Europe

   (rather than Cyprus).


 - Definitely want to attend.  Somewhere in Europe will be more

   convenient than the US.