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Re: [tlaplus] 3 Random Questions

On 05.04.2017 01:04, Eric Lee wrote:
> 1. I use the TLA+ Toolbox on Ubuntu 16.04.2, and there is some weird
> visual artifacts that occur when I quickly scroll in the TLA module
> editor. If I scroll too fast, the editor seems to lag behind and
> repeat itself until I stop scrolling. I'm not sure how big of an
> issue this would be considered, but it would be nice to know if there
> is a fix for it.

Hi Eric,

try setting SWT_GTK3=0 as an environment variable before launching the
Toolbox. The setting forces the Toolbox to use gtk2 instead of gtk3, the
former being far more stable.

In the upcoming Toolbox release, the Toolbox will set SWT_GTK3=0 by default.