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Re: [tlaplus] some help needed in running tlc in distributed mode

On 19.11.2015 09:45, jar...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Another question: what ports TLCWorker uses?
> "distributed-mode.html" says only that "It is up to you to configure
> your master's firewall to allow the workers incoming connections.".
> Initially, TLCWorker on client could not contact then master, even
> though ports 10996, and 10997 were open. When I opened port range
> 0-65535 to source, client TLCWorker was able to establish
> connection to server.

Hi Jukka,

TLC uses RMI as a communication protocol. The RMI registry at the server
binds to port 10997 (unless the system property
tlc2.tool.distributed.TLCServer.port is set to something different). For
any subsequent communication, the client and server select a random port
between 0-65535.

Client-server communication is bidirectional. If you additionally use
distributed FPSets, you pretty much end up with a mesh where all nodes
have to talk to each other.