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[Dr. TLA+ Series] Byzantine Paxos - Shuai Mu

Welcome to the new season of Dr. TLA+ Series. The lecture on Friday will be a great brain exercise if you are into consensus …

Dr. TLA+ Series - Byzantine Paxos (Shuai Mu)


January 20, 2016 - 10-11:30am PST


In this lecture we will discuss how to tolerate Byzantine faults in achieving consensus. We illustrate through refining Paxos step by step. This should be most fun to those who have become familiar with Paxos-based distributed consensus through the Series. Enough background of Paxos will be covered so the lecture requires no Paxos expertise.

We will also explain how Byzantine Paxos is connected with the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) protocol, proposed by Castro and Liskov in 1999 to tolerate f byzantine failures with 3f+1 replicas.


Shuai Mu is a post-doc in New York University. He recently received his PhD from Tsinghua University. Shuai is studying on how to improve performance, scalability and consistency in distributed systems.

Paper and Spec


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