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[tlaplus] Ability to use Vim keystrokes with TLA+ Toolbox?

On 14.11.18 18:20, Hengfeng Wei wrote:
> Dear Markus,
> I got "vrapper disabled" at the bottom of toolbox on my Ubuntu (18.04 LTS).
> vrapper-disabled.png <about:invalid#zClosurez>
> "Vim's key bindings" appears. However, it does not work.
> By the way, the "Default" key bindings does not work either.
> key-binding.png <about:invalid#zClosurez>
> How should I enable vrapper in toolbox?
> Best regards,
> Hengfeng Wei


following my own instructions I successfully installed vrapper into the
1.5.7 Toolbox on Ubuntu 18.04. I then selected the Vim key binding in
the Toolbox's preference after which the Vim keybindings were active in
the spec editor.

I have no idea what is going on on your end but I suggest you start from
a fresh 1.5.7 Toolbox installations.

Hope this help,