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ABZ 2014 and TLA+ community event?

Dear members of the TLA+ community,

we'd like to draw your attention to the conference ABZ 2014 (http://www.irit.fr/ABZ2014/) that will be organized in June 2014 in Toulouse, France. Papers related to TLA+ (theory, applications, and tools) are explicitly solicited. Submissions will be reviewed according to usual scientific standards, and the conference proceedings will be published in the Springer LNCS series. We encourage you to submit papers; the deadline for paper submission is on January 14, 2014.

If there is sufficient interest, we are proposing to organize a satellite event alongside ABZ specifically for the TLA+ community. It would contain tutorial presentations of the TLA+ tools, emphasizing recent and ongoing developments, such as running Distributed TLC or writing liveness proofs in TLAPS. The remaining time would be open for short presentations describing what you're using TLA+ for, any tools you've developed, and any problems you've encountered with existing tools. Presentations from industry, as well as by young researchers, are particularly welcome.

If you may be interested in attending such a TLA+ event, and in particular if you'd like to present something, if you are interested in specific tutorials or if you have any other suggestions, we'd like to hear from you. Please send a message to tlaplus...@xxxxxxxxx (this is just an expression of interest, not a binding commitment for attending the event).

Best regards,

Leslie Lamport, Stephan Merz, and Philippe Quéinnec