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Re: Stuttering state when fairness specified

Dear Chen Fu,

First of all, the current release of TLC has a known bug that can
cause it to produce an incorrect error trace when it finds a (real)
error.  It's possible that you've triggered this bug.  The bug will be
fixed in the next release, which should be out in a week or two.

Meanwhile, I don't have enough information to understand what you are
doing.  For one thing, you never said what liveness property you were
checking.  However, I doubt that there is any sensible liveness
property satisfied by your algorithm.  And it generates an infinite
number of states, so I don't know you were trying to model check it.
For example, there is a behavior that consists of nothing but the
Sender executing an infinite sequence of Send actions.  If you had
added fairness conditions to each process instead of just to the
entire algorithm, there would still be behaviors that consist of
nothing but the Sender and Receiver both executing an infinite
sequence of Send actions.

I suspect that you don't understand fairness, and that you seem to
think there is some sort of fairness condition on the choices in an
either/or construct.  You should understand that the following
piece of code allows a behavior that loops forever, generating an
infinite number of different states:

  a: x := 1 ;
  b: while (x # 0) {
      either x := 0 
      or     x := x+1;

You probably need to study the meaning of fairness, either from
the Hyperbook or Specifying Systems.