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Re: [tlaplus] Re: TLA+ Community Meeting

We have had similar events every two years since 2012, with the exception of 2016, when we had to cancel due to an insufficient number of participants. It is conceivable to have a yearly meeting if there is sufficient interest.

By the way, most of the talks of the upcoming meeting will be filmed and made available online.

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On 11 Jul 2018, at 14:17, Xabier Burgos <xabier...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'd like to attend but sadly I'll be away on the date. Are there plans to organise community meetings on a somewhat regular basis?

On Tuesday, 20 March 2018 14:23:44 UTC, Stephan Merz wrote:
A TLA+ Community Meeting will be organized on July 18, 2018, in Oxford. It will be co-located with FLoC 2018, the Federated Logic Conference.

The meeting is intended as a forum where practitioners and researchers interested in the use and further development of the TLA+ specification language and its associated tools meet in person and discuss. It will consist of tutorials that present recent developments concerning the TLA+ language and tools, and of contributed talks. David Langworthy of Microsoft Research has agreed to present a keynote on "TLA+ in Engineering Systems: Quinceañera".

Contributed talks are sollicited that present work of interest to users of TLA+ or PlusCal, such as:
  • industrial and academic case studies,
  • new tools for TLA+,
  • innovative use of existing tools or reports on their shortcomings,
  • use of TLA+ in education.
The presentations should be informal and leave sufficient time for discussions. There will not be formal proceedings, and presentations of relevant work published elsewhere are welcome.

If you want to contribute a presentation, please send a short (1-2 page) summary of your contribution to tla...@xxxxxxxx by April 15, 2018. Please indicate how long you would like your presentation to be (20 or 40 minutes plus discussion). Notification will be given by May 15, 2018. The abstracts and presentations given at the event will be made available on the Web.

Participants are required to register through the FLoC 2018 registration site. Note that FLoC organizes a workshop dinner on July 18. Participants at the TLA+ Community Event are welcome to attend.

Full details at the Web site of the event: http://tla2018.loria.fr.

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