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Re: Toolbox 1.5.0 release candidates

Also happy to see the undo function include the footer now.

There are three concerns with the footer. First, it is auto-generated, and as best practice you shouldn't store auto-generated components in version control - especially components which often change. Second, it duplicates information found both in file metadata and (in greater detail) the version control log itself - this is more of a philosophical objection against denormalized data. Third, it will cause merge conflicts any time two users edit a spec concurrently - even if their edits are to completely different parts of the file.


On Monday, May 4, 2015 at 1:32:41 AM UTC-7, Leslie Lamport wrote:
         Along the same lines of improving portability and version control system friendliness,
         what do you think about removing the default created/modified footer?

Would you please explain why removing the footer would enhance portability or help with version control.