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Re: [tlaplus] Run TLC model checker in Azure

On 18.01.2018 19:50, Kapil Agarwal wrote:
> I am trying to run TLA+ model checker in Azure. Following the guide
> at https://tla.msr-inria.inria.fr/tlatoolbox/doc/cloudtlc/index.html,
> I have set up the certificate and environment variables. I get the
> following error on running the model checker-
> "Could not setup any viable authentication method "
> Any help is appreciated.

Hi Kapil,

are you on Windows 10 and can you privately send me the .log file
located in your home directory under .tlaplus/.metadata/? Also is your
SSH key protected by a passphrase? Lastly, did you upgrade to Toolbox
1.5.5 from an earlier version or did you start fresh by downloading a
Toolbox 1.5.5 zip file?