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Spec explorer improvement in 1.5.x (was Re: [tlaplus] Re: Toolbox 1.5.0 release candidates)

On 05.05.2015 10:18, Stephan Merz wrote:

> Perhaps it would be more interesting to list the modules that a TLA+
> project relies on (perhaps in a hierarchical view of the Spec Explorer,
> where currently one can only see the top-level module and models?),
> distinguishing between modules found in the current working directory
> (and/or explicitly listed relative or absolute paths?), modules found in
> the user-defined library path, and built-in modules?

Hi Stephan,

for your info: Extending the spec explorer to show a spec's modules
below the top-level element has already been on my wish-list. I just
didn't get around to implementing it in 1.5.0 whichI wanted to get out
of the door because it reached a somewhat complete feature set.