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How do I use the command-line tools?

I initially downloaded the .jar file, but couldn't figure out how it is meant to be used. This is what I tried:

> java -jar ~/bin/tla2tools.jar 
no main manifest attribute, in /Users/jhf/bin/tla2tools.jar

I then downloaded the .zip file, and, following the instructions, tried:

> java -cp . tla2sany.SANY -help
Illegal switch: -help
> java -cp . tla2sany.SANY --help
Illegal switch: --help
> java -cp . tla2sany.SANY help

****** SANY2 Version 2.1 created 24 February 2014

Cannot find the specified file help.

Okay, so the website describes the CLI as "one of these commands ... followed by the command arguments, which consist of zero or more switches followed by the name of a  .tla  file." So ... what are those switches? Where is the documentation?