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Re: [tlaplus] Error trying to run a model: The status must be "parsed" before model checking is allowed

Well, TLC doesn't accept specifications that cannot be parsed. Do you get a syntax error in the main (specification) view of the Toolbox? If the Toolbox is in a weird state, you may have to reset it. Have a look at the section called "In Case of Trouble" of the Help pages.

Hope this helps,

> On 22 Jan 2019, at 07:50, yati....@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> It's a simple PlusCal algorithm spec + model, and I was able to run it until the last time I restarted the toolbox. I tried changing something in the algorithm specification and retranslating, but that didn't help either. I've attached a screenshot of the error dialog[1]. Any pointers?
> [1]: https://pasteboard.co/HXAo1JH.png
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