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Re: [tlaplus] Next release?

I for one use a reasonable recent version of Ubuntu.

I'd like to emphasize that a reasonable recent version of Linux must be
at least five years old.

I have just understood it is tlaps that is difficult to install because of incompabilities 
with the libc.

I think tlaps is coded in caml. Well I understand a functional programming
language is good choice for designing a complex piece of software. But
unfortunately it doesn't interface well with Linux (problems of libraries and
so on).

I just wonder if, when the design is finished, it wouldn't be possible to translate
tlaps in pure C so that we can recompile it easily at the end. tlaps is jjust
the kind of software with no gui that benefits from a translation into pure C.

It would be nice as well if a joint package tlaps and tlaplus could be made.